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Since time immemorial they have been mythically revered as encapsulates of mystical properties.

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There are scientific claims as well to back up the correlation between birthstones and far reaching influence wielded by them in respect of human life. Know your birthstone based on your birthday Enter your birth date and time of birth to find the right birth stone for you. The word Astral is derived from Astrology and has been an important part of holistic beliefs for centuries.

Astrology is not a science, but was created originally as a method for telling time. It is used to tell us when one time has passed and also to let us know when another is coming, essentially acting as the calendar for the universe.

Star Stones: Zodiac and Astrological Birth Signs

These periods of time are divided into twelve sections, which are believed to represent the twelve tribes of Israel in the book of Exodus. Each section, or Zodiac sign is associated with a particular gemstone. The idea is that your Astrological sign is linked to a gemstone on earth that enables the wearer to tap into his or her hidden power. Astrological gemstones which are based on Zodiac signs can be different than Modern Birthstones which are related to the calendar birth month.

This list is now followed throughout most of the world. Ultimately, the choice of astrological or modern birthstone is a matter of personal belief and faith. Many people believe that wearing the gemstone assigned to your birth month brings good luck and is a charm that carries protective powers. Below we offer a list of the Zodiac signs and the dates associated with them as well as the assigned gemstone.

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You many decide to choose your Zodiac gemstone or you birth month stone, or both! Garnet : Friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual. Intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable, unemotional and detached. Amethyst : Imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic. Escapist and idealistic, secretive and vague, weak-willed and easily led.

Bloodstone : Adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic and confident, dynamic and quick-witted.

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Selfish and quick-tempered, impulsive and impatient. Sapphire : Patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving, persistent and determined, placid and security loving. Jealous and possessive, resentful and inflexible, self-indulgent and greedy. Agate : Adaptable and versatile, communicative and witty, intellectual and eloquent, youthful and lively. Nervous and tense, superficial and inconsistent, cunning and inquisitive. Emerald : Emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious, protective and sympathetic.

Changeable and moody, overemotional and touchy, clinging and unable to let go. Onyx : Generous and warmhearted, creative and enthusiastic, broad-minded and expansive, faithful and loving. Pompous and patronizing, bossy and interfering, dogmatic and intolerant. Carnelian : Modest and shy, meticulous and reliable, practical and diligent, intelligent and analytical. Fussy and a worrier, overcritical and harsh, perfectionist and conservative. Chrysolite: Diplomatic and urbane, romantic and charming , easygoing and sociable , idealistic and peaceable.

Indecisive and changeable, gullible and easily influenced, flirtatious and self-indulgent.


Beryl : Determined and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate, exciting and magnetic. Jealous and resentful, compulsive and obsessive, secretive and obstinate.

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  • Citrine : Optimistic and freedom-loving, jovial and good-humored, honest and straightforward, intellectual and philosophical. Blindly optimistic and careless, irresponsible and superficial, tactless and restless. Ruby : Practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful, humorous and reserved. Pessimistic and fatalistic, miserly and grudging. Each month has one or more gemstones associated with it. Emerald - Moonstone , Pearl , Ruby.

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    Leo Birthstones Jul. Virgo Birthstones Aug. Libra Birthstones Sep. Scorpio Birthstones Oct. Sagittarius Birthstones Nov. Topaz - Amethyst , Ruby , Sapphire , Turquoise. Capricorn Birthstones Dec.

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    Ruby - Agate , Garnet , Black Onyx. Modern Birthstones. Traditional Birthstones. Mystical Birthstones.