Horoscope february 9 daily

People are impressed with your novel ideas! Your interaction with a boss or a parent will be a bit unusual today. Instead, impress them with your pioneering opinions. You will adore a chance to travel today because you want to broaden your horizons.

Daily horoscope for Saturday February 9 – here's what the stars have in store for you today

Something new and different! You want the stimulation of discovering new things and enjoying a sudden, unplanned adventure. Someone from another country or a different culture might surprise you.

Daily Horoscope February 9, 2017: Libra

Today offers two possibilities: You might see some clever, ingenious ways to deal with debt, shared property and the wealth of others. Or, something unexpected will impact your debt, bank accounts and shared property. Keep your eyes open!

Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, February 9

You will love meeting new people and making new discoveries today because this will happen. Perhaps an old friend or a partner will come up with something startling that you would least have expected. It shows you can never really take anyone for granted.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

This is a stimulating day at work! The introduction of new, high-tech equipment or unusual ideas is exciting. New staff, perhaps a new location or a new program will make this a different day. Love at first sight might take place for some of you. Others will be delighted with an unexpected invitation to a social event. Parents should be aware that kids will keep you on your toes today so be vigilant.

Know where they are at all times. Cosmic tip: The opportunities you are manifesting promise to make your bank account happy and satisfy your soul.

But what about your side of the story? Not everybody possesses the wisdom and sensitivity you do. Hold space for an open and honest conversation.

Daily horoscope for Saturday, February 9, 12222

Let the facts be known. Cosmic tip: Hold space for an open and honest conversation. The question of morals and ethics could come up in the workplace or outside. A clear conscience is the best gift you can give yourself. Every relationship goes through its own ups and downs, Pisces. It is the willingness of both parties to work things out that will help put a bandage on the wound. Sit down and talk to each other.

Cosmic tip: Let this be a February you remember for years.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Cosmic tip: Open yourself to collaboration and co-creation. Gemini horoscope today Opportunities you never imagined are opening up for you. Cosmic tip: The pursuit of knowledge takes centre stage. Cancer horoscope today Notice the patterns in your life, Cancer. Cosmic tip: Give where you receive. Leo horoscope today This is the season to love and be loved!

Libra horoscope today Change is seldom easy. Cosmic tip: Be patient with yourself and the process. Cosmic tip: New and exciting opportunities are knocking at your door. Sagittarius horoscope today The Universe is sending a basket full of goodies your way.


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While there is already a strong relationship between communication and relationship forces and has been since the North Node's return to your relationship sector in November, this gets a major boost today. As Mercury, the planet of communication returns to your communication sector he is able to build a bridge between the two, beginning a quest to not only find your own voice, but to give your relationships a voice as well.