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You have a tendency to compare. A comparison doesn't work in the area of real love because no two lovers are the same. Are you thinking that others should be more like you? Do you often think you have the real answers?

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If you do, give others a chance to be unique, it's ok for two people to be different. Commitment isn't just about a piece of paper, it's about the condition of your heart. Do you know why you struggle with commitment? What is it about love that would make you want to stay?

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At times it can be tough for you to share the 'lion-light'. You have a tendency to roar when someone has overstepped a boundary and hit an ego nerve, too, but this isn't always done intentionally. Would it be possible to share attention with others? Can you lead without being a leader? I bet you can.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope January 22-28 2018 Astrology & Tarot

Love can be messy. Sometimes you don't get back what you invest when you give love. Love is also unpredictable. If you're looking for ways to find love with someone you may need to accept that the experience will be one that doesn't allow you to control how to goes.

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Can you let go of the right to know? Learning to allow yourself to speak up for your wants without being bossy is something you'll enjoy. Sometimes too much fire can make a heart get burned. There's nothing wrong with being passionate in a relationship but there's a time to be detached as well. When your partner is trying to share their feelings, remember to listen to what's said not give solutions until they are done expressing themselves to you.

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You can be independent and strong while also being weak and dependent. Interdependence allows for you to experience both sides of love. Would your partner like to see that in you? It's okay to be funny instead of sarcastic, no one will think you're not on the ball. You tend to associate love as something you do not just something you feel.

If you feel love, let your partner see it come through. Are you a Snake who enjoys a good philosophical debate and is typically slow to anger? If you follow astrology, you probably track the trickster planet, Mercury, the most, and you have good reason to.

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