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Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Your place of birth is missing without which I can not draw the horoscope to predict on your education related question. Please mention your place of birth and ask your question more precisely and elaborately so that I can give you answer in a proper way.

Nation: USA No.1

Unlike you many students have the same question when it comes to education and choosing the right career path accordingly. In case of self-improvement matters which, if relates to our physical well-being, we already know many methods which works really great. To remain fit, you should eat right beside regular exercise etc. To improve physical stamina, you train your body to lift weights than it can normally. To advance your memory power, you get enough sound sleep etc. But when it comes to the question: what should you do to really improve and prosper in your career?

Your mind becomes blank. It confuses you more when you see thousands of options are there to choose from. Here astrology helps you to do choose the right education for the right career. Just see the 4th house, 4th house lord, Mercury, Moon and their connection with 10th house or its lord. There are some other ways to see that in horoscope, but this is the basic and easy procedure.

Rahu Mahadasa and United States Kelleher Chart

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Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee. Oruganti veerabadhra sastry says: Education period present please my birth Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee says: Your place of birth is missing without which I can not draw the horoscope to predict on your education related question. Notice that the 3rd house has 8th house qualities since it is eight houses away from the 8th house itself. All of the above indicates that Rahu mahadasha brings substantial transformation in the country as a whole, putting great emphasis on 8th house indications. Some of these prominent changes are strongly directed at health care delivery, medicine and healing modalities in particular since both Ashlesha and Shatabhisha are intimately associated with traditional medicine and alternative healing methods.

Rahu itself is an indicator of separation, breaking through social convention, indicating areas of restlessness, dissatisfaction with the status quo, intense focus, creating turmoil, taking risks and seeking excitement, going into situations where a person does not belong, and taking extreme positions. When Rahu is activated, it becomes a driving force in the psyche. It is an area seen in the horoscope that is hard to control or fully understand, without clear, focused awareness.

However, once Rahu is understood, it is possible to harness that energy and direct it with intelligence to promote more beneficial outcomes and experiences along the way. So, while the U. Note that the 8th house also governs taxes, insurance, inheritance, banks, and borrowing money, so these areas are up for change in the U. We are in the midst of a massive overall of the U. The 8th house placement of Rahu also refers to privacy issues and secrecy. Another area involving the 8th house involves death and dying, and longevity. Changes in perception about death, allowing euthanasia for terminal illness patients, expansion of hospice and how the country perceives and deals with terminal illness are also prominent during Rahu dasha.

Legal policies may change in this regard as the dasha progresses. It moves the hidden and private concerns out into the open to deal with in the larger society. The 8th house itself governs research into all hidden areas. These domains are up for great change and further advancement due to the 8th house placement of Rahu.

Luck Running Out

Innovative medical diagnostics, surgical procedures, transplants and techniques will grow, change and improve enormously over the next 18 years. Rahu is the planet associated with this specific nakshatra as well. Just as the country moved into Rahu mahadasha, the exponential increase in opioid addiction has turned into a serious national crisis. Prior to the Rahu dasha, this problem existed in the shadows, but it grew substantially and became a public focal point for the country to acknowledge and work to resolve once the U.

The 3rd house placement of the Moon dispositing planet for Rahu in Cancer highlights the changes that will come in both the communications sector and involving transportation modalities. Not only is the self-driving car now legitimate and in development, but all forms of technology and artificial intelligence will expand and grow in leaps and bounds during the 18 years of Rahu.

It brings the combination of new technologies with transportation and the desire to change the status quo in this area.

There are likely going to be new modes of transportation that arise during this period, or least significant changes will manifest involving vehicles, airplanes and ships over the entire 18 years. Space travel opportunities will continue to expand as well. What seemed inconceivable a few years ago will become the new normal. This volatile, uncertain tendency will manifest in many areas. This is where intelligence, slowing down decisions and considering the impact of words and actions becomes paramount for the country to thrive in the long run.

Otherwise, decisions and actions based purely on impulse, excitement and the unconventional will get the country into deeper problems down the road.

Vedic Astrology: USA - The Declining Years

Such in the nature of Rahu. Jupiter resides in Ardra nakshatra at degrees Gemini, which is governed by Rahu. Jupiter also receives the 10th aspect of Saturn.

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Jupiter is disposited by Mercury which is in the 8th house with Rahu. Jupiter also aspects the Moon in Aquarius 3rd house , creating a greater sense of optimism, the desire to grow and feel greater confidence as a nation. The bhukti, or sub-period of the Lagnesh is a prominent cycle since the Lagnesh represents the health and overall status of an individual or entity, in this case the U.

With Jupiter in the 7th house, this period is likely to elicit more recognition and involvement with other countries, in terms of contracts, agreements and joint ventures, including trade. While Rahu governs foreign entities and being in the 8th house produces more isolation and separation, in contrast Jupiter is in the 7th house of partnerships in Gemini, which emphasizes impersonal relationships that are friendly and communicative, but more detached. This applies to how the U. Rahu in the 8th house seeks control. So, the U.

Know your Ascendant

Ardra refers to storms and is symbolized by a teardrop. While the U. This situation is magnified by the transit of Saturn concurrently aspecting the natal Jupiter from the 1st house of the U. Historically, the last time the U.

In terms of timing correspondence, this would be equal to the period between late June to early November Just as Jupiter in Ardra points us toward increased storms as the bhukti in force under Rahu in the U. Rudra was a bit unconventional in his behavior, and he is also known as the first physician. This indicates the potential beneficial influence of Jupiter a natural benefic planet in Ardra toward improvements in medicine.

Rudra is also connected with financial gain, granting prosperity and growth. These are the themes that are to be expected in some manifestation during this Jupiter phase of Rahu dasha. Protests will continue strongly through November