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She is not one to make the best out of a bad bargain. Her exploratory nature may lead her to have a number of early sex experiences. To her, life means moving forward into the future, and each new love is a learning experience. If an old love harbors resentment, she is genuinely surprised. She likes men and enjoys the flirtations and the excitement of a developing affair.

In turn, men like her charming, easy-going manner and her acceptance of what the world is like. When she does find big romance, however, this woman believes in loyalty to her man. She wants a true soul-companion. What she looks for is a lover who can share her sense of adventure. She prefers men who are intellectually stimulating, well read, and well traveled.

She wants sex to be truthful, genuine, very romantic, and very impulsive. She is generous and free in love, and he will find himself luxuriating in her gifts of charm, intelligence, exotic excitement, and sophistication while retaining his own freedom! She will become his feminine ideal, and as he falls more and more in love with her, he will wonder how he ever lived without her. Basically, Sagittarius woman enjoys life and tries to make sure those around her enjoy it too.

It is so very easy to fall for a Sagittarius woman. They have this radiance that just draws you in and keeps you mesmerized. This fire sign is fun loving, adventurous and idealistic. She wants to see the world and if you are the right one, she wants to take you with.

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Do not be surprised if in the midst of your seduction of her you end up being pursued! Like her sisters, Aries and Leo, she sees then takes what she wants. Your Archer is not only a go getter but a getter constantly on the go ; will you be able to keep up? Like all fire signs, she wants to soak up all she can. The more she learns and experiences, the happier she is. Her idealism and philosophical nature allows her to take a random thought and create reality.

When a Sagittarian woman dreams, she dreams big. Her curiosity often gets the best of her causing a constant thirst for new excitement. She has an appetite for travel and adventure. To gain the upper hand in your seduction, take her where she has yet to go. Your Archer is indeed a straight shooter. She may even beat you to the punch and ask you out on a date.

Be the one who is tastefully the center of attention.

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Both Sagittarius genders love the thrill of the chase but love it even more when they catch their prey. Though the cat and mouse game is often fun and can create great sexual tension, too much turns the Sagittarius off and they will move on. They love the game but two or three rounds of the hot and cold is plenty. There is more fun in the actual interaction with her than the teasing will ever be.

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There is so much to look forward to! The fire in your Archer loves a partner that can keep her smiling so keep her amused.

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You would be surprised how easily a fire sign will gravitate toward the one that will make her laugh versus the model everyone else seems to fawn over. As you keep her amused, keep her talking. The more of your intelligence and wit she sees the more she will want to keep you around. Sprinkle in a few bits about where you may want to travel to or places you have yet to try and she will start to think of ways to go there with you.

The Sagittarius woman is warm, passionate, enthusiastic, and generous. She loves and values her independence and freedom. Know these things upfront for the Archer changes for no one. The one she stays with is the suitor that can give her room to grow but a reason to lay her roots. Date her, show her places you love and never been.

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  7. When she starts to share the same with you, then you know you are on the path to keeping her in your life. Keeping an Archer is the best part of this plan. She is spontaneous, adventurous and fun. Give her wide berth and your life with her will be just the same. Let her go off and do her own things then encourage her to share with you. With an open mind and open heart, she will always come home to you. You will be rewarded with more than just new destinations and activities. Once you earn her heart you get all the sensuality and passion she can give.

    Once you get there, the real fun has only just begun….

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    Sagittarians for the most part are naturally athletic. Sex is one of their favorite sports and they are the MVP at it. Sex with her reflects her nature: generous, spontaneous and scorching hot! She will tell you when she wants to try something new or wants you to do that thing you know you can do very well.

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    Be prepared to drop pants anywhere and everywhere! If she gets that itch, she wants it scratched right then and there. Just like in other aspects of your relationship, every indulgence, she will without doubt give you back in spades. Sadly, all that passion and generosity have led some to take advantage of a Sagittarius woman. Past entanglements have loved their flare yet tried to chain them down or curb their enthusiasm. This will leave you with a woman who will now rather see you fall off a cliff than darken her doorstep.

    Fire signs are the most fierce of the zodiac and will fight for their independence at any cost. To them freedom is like breathing, a requirement for life. If you cannot handle a woman who is both strong and idealistic then save yourself the time and frustration. She cannot and does not want to be tamed. Seriously, who would want a tamed Sagittarius female?

    That would be like having chopped liver rather than prime rib. She would be a lifeless companion providing a boring and mundane existence. Life is too short to live a life sans vibrancy and excitement. Your untamed Archer will bring enthusiasm and passion into your life and take you where lesser beings fear to tread.

    She will make you look forward to each new day and adventure. You will dream bigger, love deeper and be a better person because of her. The Principle of Expansion: ecstasy, optimism, and quantitive experience. In the Sag view, more is more, both materially and culturally. She imposes her feminine nature on the world, objectively expressing a divalike supremacy that nonetheless stems from her subjective desires along the two-way theme of awe and adoration.

    Like the Sag symbol, this glyph illustrates superconsciousness the half-circle stemming from worldly experience the cross of matter. The zodiacal quadrants correspond to metaphysical planes of existence - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The third Quadrant is that of the mental perception. For Sagittarius, importance lies in the ability to project an image of whom she imagines herself to be.

    She lives a life of optimist, as magnanimous as she is materially acquisitive, in contrast to the inwardly mind- expansive male of the sign. Sign glyph:. The Sag Archer is armed with an ability to project desires and effect change far into the distance. Human will stems from mastery of the physical plane. Earthly goals are organic offshoots of her perception of existence as an expansive, abundant experience. She hungers for temporal goodies and wordly knowledge.

    The fire element symbolizes life energy, spirit, or the divine force; the mutable quality, a call for versatility and change. Together the mutable-fire combination particular to Sagittarius is best described as a certain radiance or glory. Females in masculine fire, air are not aligned with the gender polarity of their sign and thus enact instead of embody the quality-element combination of the sign.

    Sag projects her mutable-fire radiance outward, parading herself in the expectation that others will want to bask in her glorious presence. She breathes that fiery spirit of optimism into others, instilling confidence and causing them to blossom into more vibrant versions of themselves.


    Sign Number: 9. The blinding illumination of Hera or Godiva is inherent in the number. There are nine planets in the solar system, nine months of pregnancy, nine choruses of the angels according to Jewish mysticism.

    The mage of mavenhood. This time of life suggests a certain glorified station wherby a woman can play the expert role of madame hostess or ambassador to the hilt.