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Difference between Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology

You agree that we have no liability for any damages. Vedic astrology can be divided into six branches; Gola: This branch of astrology deals with the astronomical position of the planets. Ganita: To derive the implication of astronomical position, different step-specific mathematical tools are used. These tools construct Ganita. Many consider this as the essence of Jyotisha.

Looking To the Origins of Astrology

In India it is commonly called as Janam Kundli. Prashna: Astrology must be able to answer questions which are of prime importance in the lives of individuals. This branch of Hindu astrology contains the process of finding such answers. The calculation involved to find answers is based upon the time when the question is asked and the time and date of birth of the subject.

Sanskrit, Zodiacs, Ancient Texts with Mike Neely

Muhurta: This branch of Hindu astrology is all about selecting the most auspicious time to take important decisions in life. Auspicious time is calculated by analyzing the cosmic position continuously for the window period to complete any task or take an important decision. The Western counterpart of Muhurta is Horary astrology. Nimita: The method of predicting omen or inauspicious things like war, disease, drought, flood, etc. Western astrology Western astrology is the system of forecasting future events in the life of individuals on the basis of tropical zodiac.

Summary Vedic astrology is based upon cosmic movements and positions; Western astrology is based upon the path of sun through the constellations.

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Vedic astrology is referred to as sidereal zodiac; Western astrology is referred to as tropical zodiac. Vedic astrology bases calculation on the date and time of birth of the subject; Western astrology uses only date of birth. The shape of Jataka or janam kundli is square; the birth chart in Western astrology is circular.

Vedic astrology was developed in India about years ago; Western astrology was developed in Babylon and Greece some years ago. About Latest Posts. Help us improve.

5 Basic Differences Between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology

Rate this post! Cancel Reply. References : [0]Marshack, Alexander, Put an end to all your doubts by seeking Expert guidance. Also, while using the 12 signs, Vedic Astrology makes use of 27 lunar constellations, called Nakshatras, each one covering a span of 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Western Astrology includes planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to predict future, which are not considered by Vedic Astrology.

Besides, Western Astrology does not consider Nakshatras or constellations. Are you disturbed about your career prospects? You can ask a question and settle your confusion. Vedic Astrology applies Vimshotarri Dasha system a method to time the planetary system while analysing the planetary transits for future events. Western Astrology does not use Dasha System. On the other hand, it studies the planetary transits based on their advances and movements.

Western Astrology seems to rely more on the Sun. So, the emphasis is more on psychology, the personality and character of an individual.

Zodiac Months — Another Similarity

On the other hand, Vedic or Sidereal system is a Moon-based astrology system which covers all the areas of life. The Tropical or Western chart can provide only a straightforward explanation. Vedic astrology can be very effective and accurate yet a bit more complex. However, both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology are worth exploring.

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