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Whatever we have not purchase or it is free from the source we do not want that material. This understanding of principle came to me only because of you. Because I have just taken and not given anything back. One incident I would like to tell you how we improved our orientation towards someone efforts and not giving something to others just because it is cheap. Now my friend wanted to purchase a DVD of a movie.

Guru Tattva meaning in Vedic Astrology Part 2 (Saptarishis Group)

They informed him about 10 days it will take to arrive to their store. He used to inquire in between days have it arrived and they used to politely reply, that sir it will take time. After 10 days it so happened that DVD was available in store and online on Amazon. My friend was like amazon is offering cheap why i purchase the costly one.

But in heart he thought let me discuss this point with me, so we met and he told me his concern. So I told him do you inquired the same thing with amazon multiple times and did they respond you? But any given day Prash is at a higher level. Dear Siba, thanks for your trust. Though I ageee with your choice of astrologers I beg to differ in the ranking done by you. Well this is not an objective rating, this is highly subjective and based upon my personal understanding. Hello Vijay ji ,Komilla sutton has written many books and most famous is Nakshatras-stars beyond the zodiac and Shri V P Goel as retired army man ,who has done tremendous works on divisional charts,and I completely agree with your listings as its based on your experience ,but my choice would definitely not KRS and Sunil John -coz KRS is still very raw even after so many years of being astrology ,he just calls ppl to his channel which is a great thing ,but he cant be a astrologer who should be approached for consultations,and Sunil John the most controversial man,he copies from others and gives his name as a credit ,he has many times copied arjun pai works ,like KRS even he is not good for consultation,there are other good astrologers Like Vishal Saxena,Alok Jagawat,Jony Paltry,Urmila Revankar,.

Been in delusion for lack of better word for couple of years.

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Therefore like to know from you , why n what is instored in my life n how to move along …in what direction. Would be happy to give you a consultation. Please book one with my assistant at number given on the website. One good check for any layman can be that astrologers who are genuine usually do not charge that much — say or or max Its the fraudsters who recommend illogical totkas of red book, black book etc who charge , etc. Coming to list, K N Rao should be at top. Also I dont think Sunil John is an astrologer himself — I think he owns the channel and only have sessions with other astrologers.

If for a native 9 the Lord is debilitated then Is it a fact that astrologers should not comment on such horoscope? Pls explain if it is a fact. If Venus situated at gemini for a cancer ascendent then how it will be granted as 3rd house parakram or 12th house bayaa? Please answer. Only a person genuinely committed to the advancement of the Astrology, could have written this list subjective as it may be, but which list of this kind will not be, unless published by recognised and genuine Association of Astrologers, by consensus notwithstanding the inevitable resultant disgruntle objections!

Kudos to you and Thank You. Can you kindly recommend at least two in India, just in case one may be too busy?

Top 50 Astrology YouTube Channels for Horoscope & Zodiac Sign Videos

If you wish to advise this on phone, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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I am thankful for putting in on the net about the genuine astrologers. Though by profession I am a doctor but I have keen interest in astrology and know bit of it by now. As I have reach to retiring age , I would like to spend my time more on astrology. Pl let me know what books with authors names I should buy to extend my such knowladge and where could I get them?

Samudrika Shastra

Happy to see your interest in astrology. One of the best astrologer is S Gopalakrishnan from Tamilnadu. SInce all of his valuable works are in Tamil only and teaches only in tamil, he is known only to limited circle. But after searching for last 15 years, meeting various astrologers, books, etc. If only he translates his work into tamil or teaches in English, he will be revered like BV Raman. Can you please provide more details about him so as to reach him like his web page contact details etc.

Does showing out natal chart to every other astrologer or getting our chart read by every other astrologer bad for us?? Does it affect our energy?? Better to stick to one astrologer whom you trust. Thank you for your compilation. In general, do astrologers have clairvoyance or extra sensory powers?

Any insight would be great. While we do have a honed and strong intuition while looking at charts, there is nothing super human about it. Sheer experience and a little divine help.

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  7. You are missing mr. Prash Trivedi is a champion. Probably the greatest out there. I rate Kapiel Raaj high as well not coz he is famous but bcoz he is open to ideas and listens to everybody.

    David Frawley and Marc Bony jaimini sutram are another top ones. KRS is not an astrologer…. I have to given one refund every week on average. This art is mysterious. Then your time of birth would have been wrong. Astrology is very scientific it can never be wrong and i can challenge.

    Dr Arjun Pai

    If the time of birth is correct and person knows how to read spatial matrix and Ashtagvarga he can never get it wrong. He is in fact poised to become one of the greats if not the greatest coz he takes lessons from all top Astrologers and then put it in practice. In my view KRS would be known for taking astrology mainstream the greatest mouthpiece of modern day astrology.

    However, as an astrologer, he is not a part of my top Planets are debilitated when they don't meet their original nature in the sign. Every planet when exalted has maximum strength and when debilitated has minimum strength. In medical astrology , it depicts heart, right eye , baldness and blindness. Sun denotes a fatherly body in family as well as in society. One more thing we need to keep in mind while assessing the result of Neecha bhanga Raaj Yog.

    If the second house is placed with malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu or both. Different Planets in Seventh House Sun Sun in seventh house is considered an inauspicious placement — even though sun is exalted will be a malefic placement. First we should understand the concept of a planet's energy and what is the meaning of debilitation. Mars, the 'planet of war', had previously linked up with the ideals of Jupiter by conjunction in Libra, igniting equality issues, while its influence on the 4th sign from there Capricorn , triggered things to come when Mars transits Capricorn in the summer of On the contrary, an exalted planet in Lagna chart if debilitated in navamsa chart does not give favourable result.

    The Rashi Chakram will also tell which planets are exalted and debilitated at time of birth and which of them are sitting in their own houses. Similarly, the positions of other planets need to be interpreted. For instance, Jupiter get exalted in Cancer. The planets all affect one another.

    If two debilitated planets mutually and closely aspect each other and one of them is a functional malefic planet, the said planetary influence produces disastrous results pertaining to the weak functional benefic planet. There is no strength at all in the debilitated sign.

    Top 50 Astrology YouTube Channels for Horoscope & Zodiac Sign Videos

    Another important characteristic planets is aspects. In the mansion of the Guru Jupiter no planet is exalted or debilitated. A planet is in the best condition when he is exalted. When Moon the Queen visits the quarters of subordinate commander in chief, she is humbled. Retrograde planets in Vedic Astrology, which is also known as Vakri grha in Jyotish, and its effect is a subject to diversity of opinion. In astrology we usually discuss about planets Exaltation Uchcha and Debilitation Neecha , most of the people and astrologer do not know the logic and reason behind this , like Why Saturn got debilitated in Aries Mars but Mars exalted in Capricorn Saturn as both these are enemies, Venus got debilitated in Virgo but Venus and Mercury are good friends etc.

    Debiliated planet is retrograde. This is also known as Morning Star and can be easily recognized when seen in the north direction early in the morning. So it acts something else while it is something totally different. Planets are fully exalted or debilitated only at certain longitude in the relevant zodiac sign. When one planets is debilitated in one sign and if the owner of that sign also occupies that sign. Sun in 1st house debilitated.

    To assess whether a planet is good for you or not is at one hand the most difficult task for an astrologer to find but on the other hand there are same straight forward principles which you can easily understand to make some assessment about a planet which will be true for most of the charts. Hence is debilitated in Scorpio. Kshitiji, I have a question regarding the exaltation and debilitation of planets.

    When a Neecha - Bhanga Yoga is present, the debilitation gets cancelled and is said to produce benefic results. Main planets like Jupiter and Saturn stays in an indication for an extended time, as evaluate to different planets.